2016 Garden Start

Spring has come and it is time for the garden to come back. Last year we had over 4 months where we could walk right out front and pick fresh veggies. Since I want those times back my sleeves got rolled up and I got to work.

The collards and carrots survived the warm winter but the collards had started to bolt so it was time for the final 2015 harvest.

A heavy cut to the cover crop of winter peas and we were at the fun part, tilling. I used a heavy metal rake to move the earth around and get the cover crop spread out then it was shovel and flip until all the beds were smoothed out.

Look at that dark earth, the winter peas did a great job keeping all the nutrients safe through the winter. Adding a new layer of top soil to help make sure the winter peas are covered and start to break down in to the ground for their final job.  To finish each bed off a layer of fresh compost to get it ready for the planting that will come soon.

Half a day later the beds are ready. I gave them a week to sit and let the earthworms get back to business with all that new plant matter on their level. It rained a little and that should have helped the top layer soak down and give back.