Psychonauts Level Design Idea: Pussy McFooterBoots – One Page Treatment

I woke up Saturday with an idea that wouldn’t stop bouncing around in my head. Over the weekend I took a few moments to jot stuff down and organize my thoughts in to a single page “level pitch” that I’m used to. I’m still trying to decide how deep I want to go in fleshing out this idea.


Pussy McFooterBoots

The group is ambushed; Sasha and Milla are captured and taken to a strange psi-prison. Lili, distraught by everyone around her being taken, falls in to a deep depression. Knowing he needs help, Raz travels to the psi-prison to save the teachers.

At the front gate Raz finds a burly guard named, Phil who won’t let him pass. The guard post is covered in pictures of a cat, which Phil croons over repeatedly, but the cat is not around.  Phil informs Raz that the cat lives in the forest around the psi-prison but won’t come home. Raz judges the cat is the best way to distract Phil.

Searching the surrounding forest, Raz comes across a purple cat with yellow eyes in the trees that is eating fruit. Raz can’t get close to the cat; it seems to teleport away. Raz uses his Psi-Blast to knock down said fruit in to the clearing and the cat arrives to eat. Raz takes this opportunity to get a mind door on to the cat and enter its mind.

Raz, now the size of a cat, finds himself in a lounge where the stage is unoccupied except a mic and stool under the spot light. The cat arrives on stage and begins howling out a tune to the dismay of the audience. Raz moves under each table and gets the patrons excited. After the show one patron approaches with a record contract in hand and a smile on his face, it’s Phil! Raz finds the door for the next area.

Stumbling in to the next room Raz can see he is in a recording studio with the cat behind the glass and Phil working the controls. They are working on the first song, “I Want Your Body”, but things don’t seem to be going well. Raz shrinks again to the size of a music note and plays through the sheet music. Raz finishes the last line and returns to an empty studio. Phil and the cat are gone but they left the door open.

The stakes are even higher when Raz finds himself at a major concert where Pussy McFooterBoots is performing tracks from his latest album, Pick of the Litter. Raz moves around the rafters, stopping enemies from sabotaging the performance. While McFoot sings a light is dropped on him from above, but Phil jumps in and saves McFoot from danger. Raz is suddenly ejected from the cat’s psyche, waking back in the forest with the cat looking at him. The cat bounds off to Raz’s dismay.

Upon returning to the gates, Raz sees that Phil asleep in his guard post with the cat sleeping his stomach.